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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and especially the system down near winchester, va., as it makes its way east and northeast as well. this is a severe thunderstorm watch for the counties in paint until 10:00 tonight. the ones in yellow, the warnings for gusting winds and hail until 5:45 p.m. in a strong front moving our way. the good news is that it will bring relief. how fast? details coming up. >> it is likely to let up on some of the oppressive heat. state and health officials said at no word of any heat related injuries or death and have not issued a heat advisory notice. it will not do that until we are at 100 by degrees. how do you take the heat?
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show us how you stay cool. share your pictures on >> breaking news the baltimore county. let's send it to capt. roy taylor. where is this? >> northbound hanover pike this out of 91. in the middle between hampstead and records down. the vehicle, a car has crashed into a dump truck at this location. baltimore county police are on the scene. fire has just left. traffic is backed up several miles north and as we get more info we will update you. live in sky team 11, capt. roy taylor. >> still investigating a quadruple shooting in the city, one of them a 10-year-old boy.
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the shots rang out last night in east baltimore. barry simms is live with more. >> dan, police are still not sure what led to the gunfire. people in the east baltimore neighborhood say they were really frightened by the situation. baltimore police roorback on monfort avenue and east hoffman street where four males were shot monday night including a 10-year-old boy. they cordoned off the area near a barbershop and they were street store to get a better sense of where the bullets flew. >> the gunshots were sold out. it made me think it was happening right in front of my door. we got on the floor, we were that afraid. >> along with multiple gunfire, he heard a car rolling down the street. >> enterprises me that they came
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running straight through the block. he ran all the way from the corner of the way down there and was shooting at some car. >> two other males, aged 28 and 29, were taken to my hospital. another wanted to johns hopkins for treatment. no one had life-threatening injuries. >> it makes me feel like i want to get out of here. >> it does not make any sense. >> police are investigating a drug were involved and are trying to find other possible motives. they are sad and that a child was injured in the neighborhood.
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>> this was the best neighborhood around back in the day and it was always quiet, you know? this has come out of nowhere. the rest so far and police did not believe that the 10- year-old was a target. they're still trying to question witnesses to come up with a motive. live from downtown baltimore, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> another shooting in west baltimore at 12:30 p.m. on myrtle ave. he was taken to shock trauma where he is reportedly in critical condition. the do not believe it was a random shooting, but no word on a suspect or a possible motive. >> police are now she's searching for by people involved in two separate armed robberies in broad daylight. it first happened on laurel road saturday. two men in their 20's were approached by a group of three men armed with guns. they made off with a cell phone and wallet before taking off on foot. the second happened in brooklyn park. a young man in his teens was
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stabbed and robbed at gunpoint by two people in a four-door buick. his injuries may be life- threatening. baltimore city police are helping with the investigation and the suspect is described as an african-american man, stocky build, and a chin-strap build. >> authorities say 21-year-old brandon green jumped into the bay near howells point and never resurface. his body will undergo an autopsy determined an exact cause of death. people from all across the world gather in annapolis, fathers, mothers, brothers, and the sisters to two-seat a loved one graduating from the u.s. naval academy. rob roblin has more on the naval academy ceremony. >> the first for most -- the first formal graduation was in
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the 1800's. bond and circumstance] >> the data have been waiting and 200 women. graduation day. for these families, it is a day of pride. >> very patriotic, very proud. >> of such an honor to be part of a great organization. we are so proud of him. >> i have a son graduating. we are extremely proud. >> and for the ride with? >> i cannot be more excited for all of us. it is bittersweet because we have done so much together. >> i'm ecstatic, so excited, so blessed. >> it just really feels good to
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accommodate this experience with my family here and everything like that. i am ready to serve. >> the secretary of the navy and the secretary of defense spoke to the class of 2012. >> there is no more honor than right here. as you leave here, carried out are with you. defend it, fight for it, and if necessary -- die for it. >> one by one, the graduates went up to this stage and received their diplomas. 1,099 in all. a tradition that goes back 100 years, the tossing of the hats. [cheers and applause] graduation at the naval academy. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> i love it. every year, i love it. >> the next generation in advertising could be coming to a fire truck near you. >> the details ahead at 5:30 p.m. >> a new study on hormone replacement therapy. the rest could far outweigh any of the benefits.
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>> pressure off the n.c.a.a. title, they're back on their home turf and getting a victory welcome. tim tooten is on the campus in baltimore. it is a shame school let out two weeks ago or else there would have been a massive gathering of supporters for their national championship. >> it still a great story. school may be up for the summer, but nothing will stop the faithful from joining in on this conversation. >> this is for us. do not let anyone tell you differently. >> back on campus with hundreds of students and loyal fans. >> it so awesome. this is such a small community and you become friends with everyone here. >> they kept the n.c.a.a. and
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the cross crown after knocking out the university of maryland 9 to 3. >> they did it with class that, dignity, and character. here we go. it is just a good group of young men. >> they were still living in the moment and holding on to the memories of a performance that took them into the national spotlight. >> its taser real feeling. this is the last year for the seniors coming back home. what a way to go out, with a national championship. it is pretty neat. >> i feel like on the basketball team went to the nit tournament and they got the alumni and everyone really fired up for the super-and atmosphere. >> they're hoping for more of
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the same next year. >> the celebration will continue. word getting out to the alumni. live at loyola university, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. halk up another plus for aspirin. taking it regularly could help from getting cancer. it can decrease your risk of three major types in taking in nsaid's from getting
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cancer. it does not help prevent heart disease and cancer. members of the u.s. preventative task forces recommend against hormone replacement therapy. estrogen and progesterone raised the risk of cancer. it increased the risk for stroke and blood clots. finally, blaming of the city for a recent -- obesity for the uptick in kidney stones, an increase of 66% since 1994. gout are also
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other possibile side effects. cut back on salt and animal proteins. >> all quiet on the hd doppler, but this storm will scoot through the region. the main batch of storms trekking across the northwestern part of carroll county. gusting wind associated and brief heavy downpours but it is also a possibility with some of the stronger storms in the area. this thunderstorm over here, moving northeast at 21 miles per hour and it will eventually market went up to hagerstown and
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to frederick. right now, the heavy weather just north of baltimore inching in our direction and reject out where the watches are in effect. the pink shades are under thunderstorm watch. this is until 10:00 tonight. these yellow counties are were severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect. a cluster of southern storms out there producing gusting wind. this is moving our way. 64 degrees in oakland. ahead of the front, the dew point is up around 70.
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the more moisture, the more unstable it becomes. lows tonight from 65-73 degrees. 40's up in international falls in northern minnesota. the secondary front goes through tomorrow and by thursday, and to some much cooler, less humid air but it will take another day or so. this is finally curving back and it is just a tropical depression. still producing some torrential amounts of rain. along this track, another four-8 inches of snow possible.
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it is expected to stay south and east. pretty good news for the drought reports. this is delivering much-needed rain. sliding southnt towards baltimore. in secondary front will deliver a small batch of showers tomorrow afternoon. the the next weather system spreading showers and storms by friday morning. we could pick up some more. a partially cloudy sky. human but still above temperature.
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waves about 1 foot, clearing out, turning more comfortable in the next few days. down to the 60's 4 high temperatures. a risk for a thunderstorm tomorrow still come in nice weather. with beryl passing in the front coming in, looks like a stormy, wet day with lots of sunshine for thursday. temperatures gradually getting back to normal. a beautiful thursday. showers and storms coming back late friday and to saturday morning. send it looks decent with highs in the upper 70's. -- sunday looks decent. >> carry the reader with you everywhere you go. our new iphone app has radar. >> kids flocking to the lawn. all about planning for summer. >> a major development for
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summer school. >> days away from maryland's largest casino grand opening. i'm lowell melser with the story coming up.
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate.
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>> a big development from the department of education. schools across the state can now opt out of no child left behind. maryland is one of eight states granted flexibility from the long standing requirements meaning they will be measured not just by how all students perform but also how specific groups perform, including minority and special-education students. he was known for his undying passion for community. >> he was killed in the line of duty and his family is
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revisiting the school named in his honor. the trial of order police dedicated a plaque to the family and the school. he was killed on specialty steel. >> summer reading programs are beating up. -- heating up. older kids from about half a block down the street are also collaborating showing the youngsters the importance of reading in continuing to read it at all age levels.
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>> the u.n. says more than half of the victims in the syrian massacre were women and children gunned down execution style. >> 49 children and 34 women were among the victims in the houla massacre. they say the al-assaad regime were to blame. >> these thugs went into villages and homes and killed these children and their parents at point-blank range. >> the move, coordinated with nine other nations, was meant to send a strong nation.
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>> we do not believe that further militarization of the situation in syria at this point is the right course of action. we believe it would lead to greater carnage. >> the russian tap does understand that sooner or later assaad and his regime will go. >> sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> kofi annaan met with the syrian government today. >> effects of pollution already in the bay. >> hurricane season is just starting and forecasters say it could have a major impact on fishing in the next months.
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>> the discussion of baltimore city hall today and where you will soon see advertising on city-owned property. that is next at 5:30.
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. >> pharma corp. 30 a.m. -- 5:30 and proposing puting ads on the
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fire trucks. >> mrore on the rolling billboards. kate? >> two resolutions here. one would allow the advertising on this side of a city fire trucks. the language of the measures is believed to describe as more of a sponsorship recruiting companies to sponsor a truck and recognizing response from the vehicle. in all the testimony we have heard here this afternoon, not one thing we have heard this afternoon, no one was opposed the idea. >> every major company in
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baltimore city does not have a fire company. the need to be around to buy their products they should be supportive of the fire efforts that move communities for word. even hospitals are at risk when you have this. >> since these are resolutions, the fiscal policy is attached in the mayoral office is not saying, but they will send out rsp's to get advertising signs on the sides of city-owned buildings to go into the general fund. >> here they look at some of the other top stories this hour. temperatures hovering in 90 talks with most of the day-- in the 90's most of the day.
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tom, will the storms give us a break from the heat? >> they will, don knapp, but it will be gradual. it is a good sign the heat wave is about to break. but as to the heavy weather will be heading western maryland it there is a warning for washington county and western frederick county. this is still coming out of the west virginia panhandle is moving northeast at 27 miles per hour. just for 6:00, this may produce some hail. the motion has been from the western virginia panhandle up towards hagerstown and west of frederick. the storm has been reluctant to move east of the mountains which is good news for the evening rush hour.
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the storms are popping up ahead of the cold front in we will feel the effects of it with just a little patience. the seven-day forecast and details coming up. >> a 10-year-old boy is be recovering after being shot. it happened 9:30 p.m. last night on east hoffman street. a 28 and a 29-year-old ross also found wounded on the scene and one victim walked to a nearby hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. no word on possible motives. the westminster man is in serious but stable condition after a lawn mower accident. >> republicans voting in elitetexas today will surely
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take mitt romney over the required number of delegates to be the official nominee but there is a distraction tonight. that distractions' name? donald trump. >> romney was in colorado promising to roll back obama administration regulations that were to blame for hurting the nearby coal mine and power plants. >> i want governments to ally in business, not make an enemy. >> the charges president obama wasted tax dollars pushing low pollution businesses. >> more than $1 billion in loan guarantees lost half a billion last year. >> that message may be lost today thanks to donald trump who romney will appear with tonight.
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>> you're not allowed to be president if you were not born in the country. let's see what happens. i'm not fanning the flames. it came out last week. a lot of people are questioning his birth certificate. president obama is campaign put a video of the contrasting romney to mccain in 2008. he confronted birthers. >> no, ma'am. he is a decent family man and citizen that i happened have disagreements with. >> why will romney not do the same? mccain lost. is going ahead celebrating clenching with the nomination with trump in vegas. steve handlesman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> is savage attack in miami, a
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naked man eating the face off of another nude man in the middle of a downtown highway. >> the details when we cover the nation. >> i'm lowell melser and explain coming up.
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>> in developing story out of afghanistan. the u.n.-led nato forces has killed the highest -- second highest leader of al qaeda in the eastern province. he was a response before commanding and directing attacks against nato and afghan forces. the coalition will not release the name of the top leader because of ongoing security concerns. most of the senior leaders are now believed to be based in pakistan or they fled after the invasion. at least 15 people are dead in
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the shaking knocked down factories, warehouses, and churches. officials there believe that they are trapped in the earthquake. >> a bizarre story out of miami. laser tried to fill in the blanks about what led a naked man attacking another to to literally try to chew a face off the victim. on the highway of ram saturday, keep in mind both of these men are naked. they confronted the attacker during the confrontation and he growled that the officers and continued his assault even after he had been shot. officers filed a suit -- fired a second time and they say the victim was critically injured. >> he was actually swallowing pieces of the man's face. >> several people -- they say
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the attack could have been resolved -- the result of bath salts or lsd pritchett causes people to exhibit very violent behavior. several people hurt after a car slammed into a restaurant. an elderly couple lost control of their vehicle. it still does not know what caused them to lose control of the vehicle. >> levels of radiation. what they are saying from the latest fallout from the fukushima nuclear fallout. >> one of the trusted names in the country could try to pack in your computer and steal your money. what to look up for in consumer alert. >> when will the storms arrive
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in the city? is heat relief on the way? right now, 88 at the airport, 93 downtown.
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>> good afternoon. coming up tonight, the first batch of petition signatures going to the state announced a date that the same-sex marriage lockup for referendum. a joyous day in annapolis. 1100 men and women graduating from the naval academy.
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>> concern tonight about surprisingly abbreviation found that are turning up along the coast line. they are apparently carrying contamination 6,000 miles away from the took issue among nuclear plant. they're still within the safe to eat limits, but it is important to note that it is 10 times higher in the usual amount of radiation. smaller fish turning up with traces of radiation, strong waves -- radiation. strong waves off of florida bringing another problem --
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sharks. a few hard-core surfers going out and taking their chances. water rescue officials have not reported any shark attacks. >> you do not want to get mistaken for bait fish. forecasters say a less active season means we will not see a repeat of the heavy rains that dumped pollution into the bay last year. the major source of fresh water for the chesapeake, all of the runoff brought on sentiment giving a d + grade. the worst storms means less
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pollution, but it only takes one big storm to cause serious damage. >> now your insta-weather + 11 forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures do cool and we're still running in the upper 80's to low 90's in the corridor. in aberdeen, down towards baltimore and near dec coming pretty close to 90. this is prompting thunderstorm warnings for western maryland and moving northeast at 31 m.p.h.. this is a storm that has to be watched with the potential to
5:47 pm
produce hail the size of quarters of to the west of us. staying out of the baltimore rush hour. so far so good. see were the warnings are in effect. conditions are favorable and you have to watch out. these storms could pop up any time over the next few hours. another hot day. 91 at the airport, 97 downtown. the normal is usually only 78. these storms will hopefully bring some relief. temperatures are calling back down as the storm moves into western maryland. overnight, we will see the wind shifted to the northwest. mid 60's west of town.
5:48 pm
the cold front is lies east of cleveland where temperatures have went into the 70's. we will not feel any of that, but it will bring in some heat relief and much more comfortable. beryl will be pushed out to sea, is a good news on all fronts. southern wind on the bay, clearing out nicely in western maryland. for this. sunshine thursday. nice weather settling in.
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last chance for a storm tomorrow before cooling off. more rain late friday. showers end saturday morning. the rest of the weekend looks decent. >> for the first time in seven months, home prices are up in major u.s. cities. the increases reflect the beginning of the spring selling season. but consumers be where, on a new scam is using the most trusted name into losing some big bucks. it starts with an e-mail supposedly from a post office telling you you have a package waiting period usually it is a minor fee, but the link could
5:50 pm
come with a virus, hidden code, and steal your information. >> the usps has been considered the most trusted agency. people really just need to be aware. >> this is not the first to use this to agip people out of money. check out any fishy emails by picking up the iphone and not clicking on links. what about neck ties, toys, high-end jewelry? you can rent and share whatever you want without breaking the bank. >> when it comes to renting, most think cars, furniture, an apartment. today, exploring a whole new
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world of sharing teh basics. >> it is a more basic way of consuming ties. it does not take wear and tear. >> he launched tie society with a selection of 300 designer ties. when you are tired, return it and they mail you the next one on your list. >> i'm happy that i'm able to find a solution. >> it is called collaborative consumption. it is based on renting or sharing on the internet. one author says this micro- rental company is multiplying with over 1500 examples offering
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virtually every kind of product. you can rent i and jewelry, designer dresses, and even one- of-a-kind art pieces. the product rental industry is now worth $85 billion. toyconomy is seeing an increase. >> to connect and access to more quality educational toys without having to have them all. it is a service experts say it is allowing consumers to downsize their spending without downspout -- downsizing their lifestyle.
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>> the term collaborative consumption has been around for a while and it literally exploded as entrepreneur is develop new items to swap common share, and the rents. >> would you know a true blue crab? a new program will certify restaurants if they serve primarily homegrown crabs, the true of blue program. 75% of the crab needs to be from maryland waters in case you are wondering if it is not available all the time. what will the future hold for governor o'malley? she asked, and surprisingly answered. what you find out new at 6:00.
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>> the largest maryland casino will be opening its doors in less than a week. lowell melser was able to get a sneak peek today. let's find out if lady luck was on his side. >> after breaking ground in january 2011, maryland live is finally ready to open its doors
5:57 pm
and we have found out there is plenty of action. >> you could not ask for a better position to be in. this 330,000 ft gaming palace will be filled with dust from around the region. besides creating 4000 jobs, maryland live stand-up to the creek is seen as of the united states. it will be the third largest in the country. >> we will be the third largest commercial casinos in the united states. >> the casino will offer electronic table games including blackjack, roulette, many bacharach, and others. there'll also be a massive buffet, a must for a casino.
5:58 pm
most of the slots and games will be available. >> 3200 machines will be available in the fall. in addition, five of the six will be operational. we will have the buffet, seafood, noodles. two weeks after the opening, then the cheesecake factory will open. >> the only concern were rumors coming out of annapolis concerning a possible sixth casino in prince george's county which they feel completely separate the market in maryland. >> having several strong competitors in the state, it will create weakness. we think the market cannot bear another casino in the area. >> the grand opening is june 6th that 10:00 and maybe you'll have better luck than i did.
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in anne arundel mills, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here is a look at what is coming up new at 6:00. >> severe thunderstorms impacting parts of maryland. we track them coming up next. >> a major victory for opponents of same-sex marriage. the latest on the petition drive next. >> i'm jayne miller with the questions many are asking the governor about 2016. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is a wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> strong storms are zeroing in on parts of maryland. >> it has prompted the national weather service to put parts of the viewing area under a severe watch. checking in now with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer live in the 11 insta-weather + center. >> just west of baltimore and it to pennsylvania, this is where the storms are as we speak. gusting winds and hail


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